Book Review: “The Other Slavery” by Andres Resendez (2016)

Resendez has written an excellent book which could drastically modify the study of slavery in the United States – if someone would pay attention.
From the 16th century to 1940, Native Americans were pressed into slavery and near-slavery by Spanish colonials, Mexicans, and each other. Instead of a great divide between black and white, this slavery was between brown and brown, and one day you might be free, the next day, a slave.
Other forms of servitude such as debt peonage and convict slavery came into use after enslavement of Native Americans was formally abolished. A timely topic given the current discussions of using prisoners to build a Border Wall.
Highly recommended for anyone interested in this subject.


Another tumultuous year is about to end. More tragedies, more strife, more discoveries.

Another year of writing. No matter what events may occur in the world, one must keep creating art, learning, and helping others.

Happy New Year, and all the best.

Marilyn Sue Michel

Marilyn Sue Michel

My legal name change hearing is set for December 6, 2016. I am changing my name after learning family secrets, and my true genetic identity.

Hans Michel Walck arrived in Philadelphia from southwestern Germany in 1732, at the age of 23. Ben Franklin was just a local merchant and publisher at the time. He lost an election in 1764, due in part to antipathy from Germans, whom he criticized as “swarthy” and “boors.” On the other hand, his loss resulted in a new job representing Pennsylvania in England, thus launching his career as an international statesman.

I’m looking forward to a new year, with a new name, and hopefully, a President I can tolerate.


Heaven’s Door

I started this applique/patchwork cover after my mother’s death in 2012. I never rush when it comes to making a quilt. I prefer hand sewing, as it is relaxing, and yet you have something tangible when you are finished.

I made a quilt for a client, Linda Wargo, last year. The pattern is “Eclipse.” Linda keeps it on her bed, where it livens up the room.

There are quilting clubs, and groups that make quilts for new babies. If you prefer knitting, you can make sweaters for penguins (while in rehab) or even mini-horses! The world will be a better place for your efforts.