The Sad Tale of Randall Saito

Randall Saito, a convicted killer and admitted necrophiliac, escaped from the Hawaii State Hospital on Sunday. He somehow acquired a backpack, flew by chartered plane to Maui, got on a flight to San Jose, and was noodling around by cab and staying at a hotel, before he was arrested in Stockton on Wednesday. Thank you, Stockton!

Seven employees at the Hawaii State Hospital are on suspension while the authorities figure out how this happened. We already know that Saito had a sexual relationship with three employees at the hospital.

Psychopaths can be superficially sociable and charming. They can look you directly in the eye and lie like dogs, because they do not have feelings. They believe they are justified in what they do, no matter how strange. They lack empathy.

Be careful and do not get mixed up with psychopaths!

Advance in California

AB 1227, the Human Trafficking Prevention Education and Training Act, has been signed into law by Governor Brown. This Act expands the scope of previous education efforts.

It is estimated that one million children globally and 100,000 in the United States, each year, are sold or otherwise provided to traffickers. It is further estimated that up to 70% of these children do not even know this activity is against the law. Families do not have the right to sell their children, but may tell them they have to comply with orders as their obligation.

Children should not be born with jobs. Attacks on children have long-lasting effects, even contributing to shooting massacres and other crimes. Sex crimes, in particular, tend to be cyclical in nature. Children need the opportunity to speak with adults, outside the family.

Congratulations to California for its intervention efforts.

Genocide in the 18th Century

Los Angeles has adopted “Indigenous Tribes Day” to replace the former observance of Christopher Columbus and his arrival in the Americas.

Genocide resulted from the quest of Europeans for gold and land. My own ancestors, the Wallicks, moved to York, Pennsylvania in the 1730s, grabbing land for themselves and their many children. Michael Wallack (born in 1740) became a feared Indian hunter and killer. He assisted Thomas Coleman in carrying out an attack on several tribesmen who were accused of murdering the Dunkard family. Coleman and Wallack misrepresented the number of tribesmen to the head of Fetter’s Fort, knowing he would be unlikely to go after them. As the result of this deception and attack, Coleman became the fortmaster.

An apology can never make up for the wrongs of the past. It will not set aside genocide, displacement, and murder. I apologize on behalf of my family, and express my sincere regrets that the Europeans did not arrive to make peace, but war, and did not learn the ways of the indigenous tribespeople, who gave back to the earth and did not destroy it. We are well on our way to destroying humanity, and possibly all mammals, with our current practices.

Rip Your Life Away

The current advice on rip currents must be modified to address a series of pocket beaches along the coast of a round island.

Hawaii has a terrible problem with drownings. Some might be tourist suicide, no doubt. Others are caused by rip currents. There is often no “parallel beach” to swim along until you are out of the current. Many people go out snorkeling with only a mask and fins, which can be torn off by waves. They go out to deeper water, which is easy because the current carries them. But they can’t get back. Their bodies are frequently found 200 yards off the beach, lifeless and beyond resuscitation.

Some beaches in Hawaii, especially Kauai, have flotation devices (sticks) available, which will help someone swim out to you and drag you back. The authorities should be more proactive in warning people about swimming and snorkeling at beaches without lifeguards. If you make a mistake in the ocean, you might not live long enough to learn from it.

The Infamous Noun: Bad Karma

The Infamous Noun entered the English language through the slave trade. Oxford English Dictionary gives a 1587 reference to a cargo of 400 male slaves from Africa, “nee*ars.” While there are various English spellings, none of them seem to feature the double “g”. The low Dutch spelling in colonial times was “ne**ar.” The Dutch took Africa slaves to Western Massachusetts in 1617. They had the first slave codes here, even offering “half-freedom” arrangements by 1644.

Changing the “e” to “i” seems to be an American modification, perhaps to make a harsher, more insulting sound. In any event, it comes from the African slave trade,  and brings a lot of bad karma with it.

Some people can’t seem to resist using it, perhaps seeking some form of emotional release. It’s remarkably easy to avoid, if you want to. Even rappers and hip-hoppers are criticized for using it. Some people want to bury it. The all-time best advice may be, leave it alone.