Book Rescue

Print books are declining in popularity, but some people still prefer them. If your print collection has become unmanageable, here are some tips for organization and reduction:

* If possible, pack boxes of books you know you won’t read again, and have someone else review them for signed copies or other special books.

* Books can be donated to your local library or left at the laundromat.

* You can obtain a mailing label from BetterWorldBooks, an organization which distributes books to improve international literacy, and send them your book.

* If you want to sell books online, check the value using the ISBN number on or other online bookseller. You can set up an account and list the books for sale.

* Books in poor condition can be recycled.

* After you have reduced your collection to a more manageable size, organize the books by subject matter, by author, or any other method which helps you find the book when you need it. Cover stains can often be removed with a soft eraser, or by spraying Windex on a cloth, then rubbing out the stain.

* I have a strict one in, one out policy for books, magazines, and clothing. This keeps your print collection at a manageable size.

Happy Reading!

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