The Duchy and County Palatine of Lancaster


My people, the Muncasters, have been documented back to the 12th century, in Lancashire County, England, established in 1182. They lived in the Furness Exclave, which was geographically separated from southern Lancashire County, and frequently intermarried with residents of Cumberland County, to the north.

It looks like a beautiful place, although far North and probably quite cold in the winter, with a late spring. There must have been something good about it, because generations of Muncasters were born, married and died there. My great-great-grandfather, John Muncaster, emigrated to the U.S. in 1873. He was a farmer in Illinois and later moved to Montana to be a cattle rancher. His brother, George, came over in 1883, and he was a sheep rancher in Montana.

Unfortunately, Montana turned out to be a death state for the Muncasters. Conditions were harsh. Pulmonary disease took quite a few family members, along with polio and meningitis. My great-grandmother, Beulah Belle Muncaster, left Montana with her husband, and settled in the Seattle area. She is buried in the Pioneer Square cemetery.

I am grateful that all of my ancestors left England and Europe, by 1896. Despite all of the problems, including the devastation in Houston and the current lack of intelligence in the Federal Administration, I would still rather be here, than there.


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