The Survivors

“Finding Me” by Michelle Knight; “It’s OK to Tell” by Lauren Book; “A Stolen Life: A memoir” by Jaycee Dugard

These books tell the stories about three young females who have seen the worst of humanity – childhood sex slavery. Imprisonment, mutilation and manipulation were imposed on them. Their predators had their excuses and justifications, as always.

Knight and Dugard were held captive for many years. Knight was horribly abused physically, yet Dugard was so brainwashed she wasn’t sure her mother would accept her and her two children, born in captivity.

Book was abused for several years by an emotionally disturbed nanny, who made Book feel as if she were an accomplice to her own destruction. Finally Book complained to her father, and the nanny is now in prison.

Knight was already the survivor of severe childhood sexual abuse by a family member, with the aid of her parents. It is not surprising that Knight has avoided her birth family.

Survivors need more support and belief. These incidents are far more common than we admit. It is not a personal problem or a family problem, it is a social problem.

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